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Get Organized With This Declutter Mantra

Before you can get organized, you have to get rid of clutter. It’s impossible to have an organized home, productive office, or simple life with too much stuff for the available space. A powerful aid to getting rid of clutter is the mantra we use here at Get Organized Wizard:
Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go.

1. Move Fast.

Moving fast helps you achieve a lot in a little time – which creates momentum, feels empowering and boosts motivation. It also bypasses the little lies that keep you caught in clutter – lies like I like it this way (you don’t) or I’ll do it later (you won’t). One of the reasons programs like 30-Day Organize-athon Pack and 52 Missions Home Organizer are so successful is that they’re broken down into focused, time-based tasks or missions that compel you to act quickly. Because you’re working against a timer, you don’t have time to waste – you have to keep moving to finish the activity in the allotted time. So choose an easy organizing project, have a coffee, put on some upbeat tunes, set a timer – and move it!

2. Don’t Overthink.

Not overthinking is the other side of the moving fast coin. To be a more organized person, you simply have to learn to make quick decisions. Carefully evaluating the merits of keeping or tossing each and every item is a certain way to keep yourself mired in clutter for life. My friend Laura has some answers to particular blocks you might have when it comes to keeping versus tossing. But in general, to master personal organization and become a power declutterer, develop the habit of going with your gut. If your first impression is that something is clutter, then let it go. Which brings us to…

3. Let It Go.

When decluttering, people often fear they’ll get rid of things they may later need. The truth is that you might want it later – but the cost of replacing or doing without is usually minor compared with the stress, frustration, and unhappiness of living in clutter and disorganization. Decide instead that you will have what you love, use what you have, and let go of what you don’t love or use. There are so many benefits to getting rid of clutter – whether in your closet, kitchen or car. You’ll enjoy more energy, a simpler life, a home that reflects your values, and sometimes even complete surprises. My friend Erin has reported that decluttering can bring better focus, while my friend Mandi has listed a number of benefits of a decluttered life. So if you could do with more space, more organization and less clutter in your life, grab a bag and start decluttering! [Image by DenisHennessy]

4 thoughts on “Get Organized With This Declutter Mantra

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  3. Debbi Easley says:

    I try to ask myself “are you going to use this within 1 yrs time.” that should cover seasonal changes.then pack it up, mark what season, then put it storage til then. And change the house out with the seasons. And change your wardrobe also!

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