Value Packs – Up to 70% Off Individual Prices

Value Packs – Up to 70% Off Individual Prices

Get Organized Wizard Ultimate PackThese specials are now finished. To hear about our latest specials, join us on Facebook and subscribe to the monthly Get Organized newsletter (with FREE 72-page Organize Your Life & Goals interactive workbook).

Over the past few months we’ve added a bunch of new products to our value packs without increasing the prices – including:

(This Comparison Grid shows which packs contain which products.)

However, we’ll increase the prices in the new year to reflect all the extra programs now included.

But not yet!

Right now, not only have the packs exploded in value because of all the extra stuff piled in there, but the Premium Pack, Complete Suite and Ultimate Pack are on sale.

That means, for example, that you can save over 70% with the Complete Suite. Or get programs that would cost $649 if purchased individually for only $199 – 68% off! – in the Ultimate Pack.

You’ll have a range of tools for organizing different parts of your life, and you can dip into the various programs following your mood, motivation and curiosity.

These special prices are available for a short time only.

PS Want the Organize-In-5 2012 Diary, (normally $39) for only $4.95? Here’s how.

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