You’re Not Gonna Tell Me Who I Am

Earlier this week I shared an image and quote on Facebook about not letting others’ (nonconstructive) negative comments hurt you.

It obviously struck a nerve, generating many hundreds of likes, shares and comments.

So when I saw this video, I couldn’t wait to share it too.

Because this girl embodies the attitude of that post – she will not allow others to make her feel inferior.

She’s not perfect (who is?).

She’s obviously working on her weight (she mentions she’s recently lost 60 pounds by eating better, and there’s an exercise bike in the corner).

But meanwhile, she’s not playing victim to the people who call her names and want her to feel bad about herself. (Please note they are the ones to whom she’s speaking, not us.)

To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, she’s not giving her consent to people who want her to feel inferior.

‘Why does it hurt you that I don’t hate myself?’

When people say negative things, I look for something constructive I can learn.

When people are mean, I realize their comments are about them, not about me.

I love this girl.

What do you think?

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