Productivity And OS X Mountain Lion

Productivity and OS X Mountain Lion

Productivity And OS X Mountain Lion

How do you manage your daily to-do list? How do you organize your ideas and notes?

Diary? Notebook? App? Software? Other?

Over the past week I’ve been getting frisky with Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion. And I’ve discovered some cool productivity tools.

My favorite features so far (there are plenty more here, here, and here) include:

  • Notes – Add text, images, ideas, links, lists…
  • Reminders – Make lists of tasks and to-dos with due-date and location prompts
  • iCloud – Get simple synchronization across devices (for me: Silas – my Mac; Tyrion – my Air; and Lorelai – my iPhone)
  • Dictation – Press Fn twice and start talking, baby!
  • Notification Centre – Swipe to see what’s going on for you, including reminders, calendar alerts, even tweets.

The new features are going to change the way I manage my workday.

I’m highly visual and what I can’t see, I never think about. I need priorities to be right in front of me.

I have great ideas, but crappy systems for capturing them (usually indecipherable post-its – Htgd maler podyhp?)

But now, my computer screen (it’s large!) has open:

  • My browser (Chrome) or word-processor (Word), depending on what project I’m working on
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Calendar.

As I work, I can see and check off to-do items from Reminders.

As I work, I can capture ideas, images, and links in Notes.

And everything is automatically synced to my Air and iPhone, so that wherever I am and whatever device I’m using, I have one place for my tasks and one place for my notes.

I love it!

How Do You Organize Your To-Dos, Ideas, And Notes?

What’s your system for time management, organizing notes and ideas, and personal productivity?

Is it working well for you?

What could improve it?

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