Organize Your Keepsakes

Memory Box: How To Organize Mementos And Keepsakes

Organize Your Keepsakes

This is a 5-minute organizing task from the Organize-In-5 Diary.

How To Make Up Memory Boxes For Your Family’s Mementos And Keepsakes – In Just 5 Minutes!

  1. Find or buy some attractive boxes – one for each family member.
  2. Kids might like to cover theirs in re-cycled wrapping paper.
  3. Label them with the person’s name. A sharpie or texta will do, or make a nice label if you want to spend extra time.
  4. Place them in each person’s room, or a family room, or the study – wherever is most tidy and appealing.

And you’re done!

Now you can have somewhere neat and handy to put kids’ paintings, wedding keepsakes and other items you can’t yet bring yourself to throw away.


  • Move fast.
  • Don’t overthink.
  • Feel great about getting organized!

Start the 5-minute timer now.

Learn more about the Organize-In-5 Diary.

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