Staycation Benefits

3 Great Reasons To Take A Staycation

Staycation Benefits

Earlier this month a took a week off.

I went away for my previous vacation and didn’t particularly enjoy it, so this time I decided to make it a staycation.

And I’m glad I did!

I spent most of my week catching up with friends, watching DVDs, reading, and generally lounging around. It was wonderfully relaxing.

If you’re considering a staycation next time you have time off, here are 3 of the benefits.

1. No Packing – Or Unpacking

No miniature toiletries. No outfit planning. No crumpled clothes.

No wishing you’d brought a warmer sweater or different novel or richer moisturizer.

And – bliss! – nothing to unpack on your return home.

2. No Travel Traumas

When you staycation you avoid travel-related woes.

Delayed flights, missed connections, airport security, lost luggage, airline meals – all get neatly avoided.

You just wake up – and you’re there.

3. More Money For Other Stuff

In general it’s far more expensive to travel than to stay home. Flights, transfers, and accommodation all add up.

Instead, you can allocate your vacation budget to cool and interesting activities in your home town – maybe fancy restaurants, art museums, or adventures (for instance you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in my city).

Or you can treat yourself to stuff that makes staying home more fun – like a new TV, games console, or luxurious new bed linen.

A change of scenery can be a great way to refresh your body and mind. And visiting other countries is stimulating and exciting.

But for a simple break with cool benefits, a staycation can be a great stay-at-home holiday.

What Else?

Have you ever taken a staycation?

What other benefits did you enjoy?

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