5 Ways To Increase Your Self-Esteem

Boost Your Self Esteem

The way you feel about yourself is a tricky thing.

No one wants to be egotistical or overconfident. But most us are more likely to err in the opposite direction – to be unsure, self-doubting, lacking in self-esteem.

A library of self-help books and/or years of therapy can maybe help.

But for a simpler approach, you might like to try these ideas.

1. Be Responsible-ish With Money

It’s hard to think well of yourself if you don’t take basic care of you. And taking care of your finances is a big part of self-care.

Prioritize your spending so that bills and essentials get covered before indulgences – at least much of the time.

Observing yourself as you manage your money well is sure to help you feel better about yourself.

2. Practice Self-Reliance

Few things are more helpful to your self-esteem than knowing you can survive on your own.

By all means enjoy, love, and spend time with people you care about. But also take time for just you.

Get to know yourself and become comfortable with your own company. The sense that you’re with people because you want to be, not because you have to be, is comforting.

3. Start A New Chapter

If your past has been difficult then it’s easy to get stuck in those old memories and feelings. Working through them can take a long time.

But right now, today, you can think of yourself as starting a new chapter. Of course this doesn’t mean the past is erased, and there may still be emotional work to do to heal it.

Still, you can turn the page and let yourself focus on the next phase of your story. And make sure you are the hero.

4. Look Your Best

There’s much more to who you are than how you look. Having said that, making an effort to present yourself well is almost certain to lift your mood and help you like yourself more.

Get a good haircut, buy a cute outfit, ask a stylish friend how to improve your personal presentation.

Then, every day, take the time to put on clothes that suit you, do something with your hair, and give yourself a little zhuzh.

5. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Doing something that’s somewhat radical for you can expand the way you see yourself.

Even if you’re terrible at it, the mere act of trying something new can help you to feel brave, and to open up your self-concept.

Go ballroom dancing, join the gym, start a tantric yoga class – whatevs. Just experiment with parts of you that you haven’t yet met.

You might really like them. 🙂

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