My Back-To-Basics Goals

My Back-To-Basics Goals For This, Um, Quarter

My Back-To-Basics Goals

I’ve been slow getting geared up for this quarter, which is now somehow nearly one-third over. Hey, how did that happen?

But I’ve finally put together my list of things I want to get done by the end of June. That still gives me two solid months.

My theme for this quarter is back to basics.

Like most (recovering) perfectionists, I can sometimes* overcomplicate things and get bogged down in unnecessary detail. (*sometimes = always, pathologically, without fail)

So in each area of my life I’ve tried to simplify, to concentrate on what matters most, and to let the rest look after itself.

To help me stay focused and motivated, I’ve written up a checklist of items on my office whiteboard. I can’t wait to start marking them off as I complete them – that’s the best part!!

My Back-To-Basics Goals

The areas I’ll be working on between now and the end of June are:

Get Organized Wizard

  • Adding one or two new programs – including a 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge, inspired by this quarter’s theme
  • Making some site changes
  • Continuing to write regular blog posts and a weekly newsletter

52 Weight Loss Missions

iPhone/iPad/Android Apps

  • Working on new app ideas

New Writing Site

  • Launching my new site about writing – I’m super-excited about this one!

Health & Fitness

  • Getting back to my regular weight (since giving up Coke Zero I’ve gone up a size and no longer fit into my clothes 🙁 )


  • Continuing to learn to sing
  • Working on being more direct and honest, rather than ‘nice’
  • Streamlining my Facebook profile and organizing my friends lists.

How About You?

So that’s what I’ll be up to – how about you?

What would you like to focus on achieving by the end of June?

What will your theme be?

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