On Friendship: Birds Of Different Feathers

On Friendship: Birds Of Different Feathers

On Friendship: Birds Of Different Feathers

Lately I’ve been thinking, as I often do, about friendship.

My friends are so important to me. I feel lucky and happy whenever I think about them.

And something that occurred to me is how much my life is enriched by having a variety of different people as friends. People who are not very much alike.

My friends (by which I mean people I see regularly, have dinner with, have in-depth conversations with – not just people I know), include:

  • Ages from early 20s to 60s
  • Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews
  • Students, retirees, business owners, homemakers, people with jobs in many different fields and industries
  • Single, dating, living together, engaged, married, divorced, gay, straight, with and without children
  • Political views from ultra-conservative to uber-liberal.

Having these different people in my life stops me getting too set in my ways, or too sure of my opinions. I get challenged more, have to think through why I believe the things I do. I get to try a greater range of things and experience a wider understanding of life than I otherwise would.

Just a few years ago my friends were all very similar. I think it really narrowed my perspective.

I love that now I have so many different eyes and hearts through which to experience the world.

How Similar Are Your Friends?

How about you?

Are your friends a lot like you, or do you have a range of different people in your life?

How does it affect your outlook on the world?

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