Get Organized after your Vacation

7 Useful Tips to Get Organized After Returning From Vacation

Get Organized after your Vacation

Back to life, back to reality!

The glorious end to a happy and fun vacation can be a little bit sad. With every step closer to home, the feeling of freedom, calm and relaxation slowly melts away.

Your brain flicks a switch and you start planning. Unpacking. Laundry. Shopping. Photos. Mentally creating to-do lists and strategies – like what to do with other family members so that you can get stuff done. Fast.

Sound familiar?

Here are my top seven tips to get organized after returning from vacation:

1. Assess your property

Take a few minutes to have a look around your home, inside and out. If you have been gone for a while you may find things that need attention straight away (like your swimming pool is overflowing). Otherwise make a note of things to be done another day (mow the lawn) and move on.

2. Restock essential items

Before arriving home, stop off at the shops and pick up some milk, bread, eggs, <add your must-have foods here>. This is a nice little strategy to avoid the inevitable declaration ‘there’s nothing to eat’ from your family while you’re busily sorting things out.

3. Download & sort your holiday snaps

Camera enthusiasts will take hundreds of great shots that need to be downloaded and sorted. This task may not be high on everyone’s to-do list but it avoids that awkward ‘card full’ moment. Plus it’s nice to relive the magic moments while you’re still enjoying the after-vacation glow.

4. Take your bags straight to the laundry

Unless you had an awesome laundry service while away, this is a must-do. Whether you dump the dirty washing and run, or start the load straight away, this is one of the easiest and less challenging tasks to get started with. It can be very motivating & gives a great sense of multi-tasking while you attend to other things.

5. Schedule your arrival

Give yourself a full day of having nothing planned the day after your return. This gives you a chance to focus and spend the day completing your to-do list without interruption. Let’s face it, coming home can be exhausting!

6. Unpack & put away

Ah yes, one of my least favorite tasks, but essential. I have friends who are renowned for living out their suitcase a week or more after returning from vacation. Seriously, people do that. As tedious as this task is, it will help you return to your normal routine.

7. Have a meal prepared in the freezer

This is easy enough to organize before you take your vacation. Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal after being away! Give yourself one less thing to worry about upon your return.

Did I miss anything? What are your best tips for getting organized after returning from vacation?

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