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7 Empowering Outcomes From The Productivity & Time Management Program


With hundreds of people having completed the 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management program, we are thrilled with the response so far. So many people have left inspiring comments, satisfied with their move from procrastination to action. We love hearing about your successes.

Here are seven outcomes that have people feeling empowered:

  1. Working with my brain-power rather than against it. I can be at peace with how my mind works and structure my day so that I get the best results. Day #1 Unlock Your Productivity Style.
  2. Taking time to identify the little things from the big things helped put my daily tasks into perspective. It was such an eye opener to think I was doubling (sometimes tripling) up on tasks without realizing it. Day #2 Escape the #1 Time Management Trap
  3. Getting distracted is my biggest hurdle when it comes to productivity. It’s a dangerous road but I now have the confidence to set these aside and refocus. Day #3 Find Your Magic Activities
  4. Being able to quantify my tasks gave me more control. Sometimes I don’t finish my list but I still feel successful. Day #4 Set Your Output Meter
  5. These four little letters hold so much power! I feel like I have accomplished so much & it’s hugely satisfying. It’s a great way to manage yourself. Day #5 Use DSSN For Maximum Productivity
  6. Another ah-ha moment for me. I can see now what my obsession with perfectionism is costing me. I need to let go and focus on getting things done. Breakthrough! Day #6 Break Free of Perfectionism
  7. This is a great paradigm shift, victim/procrastinator to empowered/decision-maker! I am still working out my routine and specifics, but I have made progress. Day #7 Conquer Procrastination For Good

What outcomes did you have from the program?

(Haven’t done the program yet? – join us today and empower yourself with tools to beat the procrastination monster with our 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management program.)

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