Stationery Addiction and Other Quirkiness

Stationery Addiction

Hello, I’m Kylie & I’m a stationery addict!

 After the response from my Facebook post about stationery earlier in the week, it got me thinking about other quirky things I do in my daily life. In addition to my love of all–things-stationery, here are my top 5 quirks:

  1.  List making. It’s a great way to start my day, and a great way to finish my day. Writing lists, re-writing badly written lists, and checking off tasks gives me joy!
  2.  Hanging the washing out in people order. Once we moved into a house from an apartment (a few years ago now) I fell in love with the outside washing line. (Australians will be familiar with the beauty of a Hills Hoist!) Freshly washed clothes drying in the sun makes the clothes feel amazing! To create order and simplicity to this chore, I hang the washing out in people order. This cluster of like-clothes means I can fold & put them away with minimum fuss.
  3.  I touch clothes I’m looking at while shopping. I can’t help it. While thinking “what a pretty skirt” I stick my hand out for a feel! Looking a soft woollen jumper, I know it’s going to be thick & luscious, yet I still have to feel it!
  4.  Cutting up my plateful of food into small pieces so that I get a small taste of everything in one mouthful. Yes, I really do that. Funnily enough, as kids, my brother was the opposite. He used to eat all his favourite food off the plate first, and then move on to his next favourite.
  5.  Planning a monthly calendar. I get a lot of enjoyment from planning the coming months’ activities, having it look all neat and tidy, stuck up on the fridge. It makes me feel super-organized!

 So tell me! What little quirky things do you do?

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