7 Liberating Things From The Declutter Your Closet Challenge

14 Days To An Organized Closet: Clear Closet Clutter Fast

So far, more than 780 people have completed the 14-Day Organize Your Closet Challenge. It’s exciting to read the comments as people make small changes that can have a big impact on their lives.

Here are some of the discoveries so far that people have found liberating:

Breaking the emotional chains that led to my current closet chaos. It wasn’t as hard as I thought to alter my mindset and deal with the guilt. Purging has never felt so good! Day #1

Making the best use of available space. I’m at peace with my current space and have stopped making excuses. Day #2

Creating hanging and cupboard space that’s organized for easy access & even better – is visually appealing. Dresses Day #3, Shirts Day #4, Skirts Day #5, Coats Day #6, Sweaters/TShirts Day #7, Underwear Day #8, Socks Day #9, Accessories Day #10, Shoes Day #11

Tackling the ‘nothing-to-wear’ drama. I will no longer have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear! Day #12

I can go shopping – armed with new-found wardrobe space and strategies to help me shop smarter. Day #13

Finding hidden treasures! Rediscovering cool things I already have but had forgotten about. Day #1

Learning to avoid clutter creep – doing a little packing away every day – whether it’s laundry or returning my belt to the hanger – simple tasks that positively affect my state of clutter over time. Day #14

Join us today and declutter your own closet.

14 Days to an Organized Closet
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