Organizing Sites We Love

Getting things done! Top organizing sites you will love

Organizing Sites We Love

Of course we think that Get Organized Wizard belongs in the list of top organizing sites. That goes without saying, right!

But we also love other sites that help keep the procrastination monster at bay. If you enjoy our challenges and programs, you might also want to check out these wonderful sites. Here is a peak at some recent posts and why I love them.

Organizing Your WayHow to keep track of library books and avoid fines

We go to the library regularly. The kids know that every Thursday a trip to the library will be a highlight of their day. Our library has some wonderful books, iPads for the kids to play with and a great indoor play area. All in all, a great morning or afternoon activity they both enjoy. What isn’t so enjoyable is hearing these words as you’re walking out of the house; “I can’t find my library books!” Mandi has some great tips on keeping track of them and avoiding those unwanted fines.

List Plan ItTips for cutting your grocery bills without using coupons

I have never been one to use coupons or hunt down best buys. If I stumble across a bulk buy offer then I consider it good fortune rather than good strategy on my behalf! In her blog, Jennifer talks about some great meal plans and family sized meal portions that make sense and save dollars!

UncluttererOrganize to eliminate the UFO’s (unidentified found objects)

Jacki gets to the heart of basic decluttering strategies – not unlike our own here at GOW! Jacki takes it one step further with product suggestions (with links) to help us get and stay organized.

What other organization sites to you enjoy getting tips and ideas from?

Now there are no excuses! Enjoy getting organized.

Why not join us today for our Get Organized Wizard 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge.

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