How to organize your shoes!

Organize your shoes

We had some fun this week on the Facebook page after I posted an image of a very cool looking storage system for high heels. If you missed the post you can catch up here.

Some suggested keeping your shoes in a pile on the floor. Lol. Others suggested clear plastic boxes that stack neatly.

It got me thinking about other clever ideas that can be used to keep our shoes neat and tidy:

  • The cubes bookcase system that you often see used for kids play areas. Perfect for showcasing your Jimmy Choo’s!
  • A stand-alone wardrobe in the garage to store sporting shoes and gum boots.
  • Over the door shoe racks, for homes with limited space. You can get some racks that meet the full length of the door. That would mean storage for 36+ pairs of shoes!
  • Arrange your shoes in a bookcase. You can place each shoe alternatively (heel then toe) to create more space.
  • Hang them up – like the way they hang flip-flops in some shoe stores.

I tend to store my shoes in the box they came in and keep them neatly stacked in my wardrobe. It was pointed out to me recently how unhygienic it is to keep your shoes in your wardrobe. Box or no box. The reasoning was that we tend to step in all kinds of dirt and grime while we’re out, only to come home and either store our shoes lovingly in a box or line them up on the floor.

Hmmm. If the shoes were noticeably dirty, I would wipe them over before putting them away. But otherwise, it’s back into the box you go! What do you think about that?

Storing your shoes in your wardrobe – is this unhygienic?

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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