5 Reasons You Should Never Shop During Sales

7 Reasons To Never Shop A Sale

Sales get a lot of hype, but make no mistake about it: sales are not your friend.

They mess with your mind. They waste your money. They add clutter to your home. And that’s not all!

Here are 5 reasons you should step away from the bargain bin.

1. You Waste Money

This is the great irony of sales.

Occasionally you get something you actually wanted – and now it’s at a great price. A gorgeous set of bed sheets. A perfect little dress.

But more often than not, you spend money you wouldn’t have spent otherwise. You buy a 30%-off kitchen appliance, even though you use your oven to store boots. You get three-for-the-price-of-two ponchos, when one is one more than you will ever, ever wear.

It’s false economy.

As you realize later, at home, sadly reading the ‘no-returns’ policy on your receipt.

2. You Waste Time

Sale shopping is rarely efficient shopping.

Sales attract crowds – so you have to wait for customer service, wait to try things on, wait to pay for your purchase, wait to get out of the car park.

If you add in the value of your time, your ‘bargains’ end up costing much more than you think.

Avoid the sales and you’ll save time and money.

3. You Buy Things You Don’t Need

The other thing about sale crowds is the sense of competition and urgency they create.

You’d better buy this tartan bustier because that lady over there is checking* it out – and she looks keen. [*see what I did there?]

It’s human nature to be a smidge possessive when other people want things we’re even mildly interested in. People have gotten married for less.

So it’s no surprise we race to the sales counter with items we’d happily have surrendered, were it not for the pressure of other people’s apparent desire.

But then, in the sober light of home, with no one looking over your shoulder, you see the ‘bargain’ for what it is.

And it’s, um, a tartan bustier.

4. You Buy The Wrong One

The stuff that goes on sale is often the stuff that didn’t sell so well. The less popular color. The slightly weird design.

So instead of buying the gorgeous purse you’ve had your eye on in that perfect shade of plum, you figure you should get the one in ochre, because, well, it’s 50% off.

And every time you look at it, you think to yourself, There was a reason for that.

5. You Create Recurring-Guilt Clutter

What happens when you get your bargain home? When the thrill of the (pur)chase gives way to post-purchase dissonance – that slow-dawning awareness that you’ve made a dumb decision?

Do you say to yourself, D’oh, I’ve duped myself – this is crap/this color is wrong for me/ohmygod it’s a tartan bustier, and immediately return (if possible), discard, or donate the offending item?

Nope. You keep it. You shove it in a closet or stuff it in a drawer. As well as wasting money, you now also waste space.

And this is the worst type of clutter – recurring-guilt clutter. Because every time you see it, you feel bad all over again that you bought it, or that you haven’t used it.

Which you’ll never do because, let’s face it, it’s crap that you got on sale.

The Sale-Shopping Solution

So what’s the solution? Must you never shop at a sale?

Personally I avoid sales unless I’m after something very specific.

But if you’re determined to brave the sales, then here’s my best advice:

If You Don’t Need It Or Love It – Don’t Buy It

If you find something you need or something you love on sale, then huzzah!

Otherwise, to avoid all the costs of sale-shopping, make this your shopping mantra:

If You Don’t Need It Or Love It – Don’t Buy It

Regardless of price. Even if it’s 70% off. No matter how lustily someone else is eyeing it off.

If You Don’t Need It Or Love It – Don’t Buy It

Only buy what you need or what you love. Follow my advice and you’ll never find yourself in possession of a three-poncho set. Or a tartan bustier.

11 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Never Shop During Sales

  1. Leonora Cabute says:

    It depends. I love me a great sale. One example is when the Veteran Project went to closing, I bought items at 84% and saved them for gifts! I have this box at the back of my closet that you hardly see it and store what I bought on sale on top of coupons. Think and consider of the things relatives and friends want including their sizes and buy when it goes on sale. When an occasion comes up, I dig into my bucket and match the personality of the person I am gifting. My husband was impressed when his cousin celebrated his birthday and I went to dig and pull out a cologne, and wrap it up! I don’t have to rush and buy breaking my budget. Also, I send big boxes to the Philippines where I came from and these sales are my friend to fill what I need. Shopping smart, watching the price go down, and throwing some coupons on top, you’ll be surprised how much you save and how you make other people happy. I consider it a smart decluttering and organizing technique because I don’t keep the items I buy to myself. If this makes sense?

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