Declutter Your Life With Organize In 5 Diary – JUST $4.95 For A Short Time!

Organize In 5 Diary

The Two Biggest Reasons Most People Can’t Get Organized

Most of us would like to be more organized and to have less clutter. So what stops us?

Two of the biggest obstacles to a calmer, simpler life and a decluttered house are:

  1. Having enough time to do the organizing and decluttering
  2. Knowing where to start.

These obstacles are precisely why I created the Organize In 5 Diary.

Because it breaks the process of decluttering and organizing your home into 365 x 5-minute chunks, even the busiest person can find the time to declutter and organize.

And because each task is set out for you each day, you always know exactly where to start.

‘…Wonderful organization ideas… very easy and doable. I also like that some days I will get a “day off” or a catch-up day when I don’t need to do one of the tasks.’

~ Audra

How To Get The Most Out Of The Organize In 5 Diary

To help you use the diary for maximum effectiveness, I’ve set out some tips for you.

1. Save Your Organize In 5 Diary To Your Desktop

That way, you’ll see it every day and be reminded to complete your task.

2. Do Your 5-Minute Organizing Task At Around The Same Time Every Day

This will help you to create a habit. And once you’re in the habit of doing a little decluttering every day, you’ll find that decluttering becomes natural and easy.

You might even like to set a recurring daily reminder on your phone or computer.

3. Do Your 5-Minute Organizing Task First Each Day

Ideally, do your task before anything else each day. By getting your task out of the way early, you’ll make sure it gets done, no matter what else the day has in store for you.

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