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Fives Must-Haves For Your Medicine Cabinet

Colorful Medicine

When my little one fell over this week and took some skin off, I headed straight to the medicine cupboard. Naturally.

Not that long ago, I sent some time sorting and organizing this cupboard, so feeling rather confident, I told my son, ‘don’t worry, Mommy has just the thing for that!’.

But I didn’t.

Oh my, how long has it been since I delved into this cupboard*? My antiseptic cream was out of date, and runny. Yes, I did consider using said cream, until it oozed out of the tube perfectly separated. I then went for the band aids. Band aids don’t have an expiry date, right?  Of course not, but an empty box of band aids is not going to help either.  Argh!

So I attended to the wound with magic Mommy attention and kisses, then promptly made a list of essentials to stock up on:

  1. Pain relief for adults; paracetamol, aspirin, Tylenol
  2. Pain relief medicine for children; Panadol, Nurofen
  3. Band aids
  4. Antiseptic cream
  5. Saline solution

What other essentials would you add to this list?
I’m keen to hear equivalent essentials from our US and UK friends!

* Umm, I threw out things with 2010 expiry dates…

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