Hidden Treasures in the Third Drawer Down

Kitchen Drawers

You know what I’m talking about, right!

That third drawer down in your kitchen. The one treasure chest that holds an array of items that are mismatched, clunky, chunky or just simply a homeless, miscellaneous floater.

My third drawer down currently houses:

  1. Local take-away menus
  2. Tea towels
  3. Elastic bands (off the local paper delivery)
  4. Balloons (why not)
  5. A couple of birthday candles
  6. A few cake decorating nozzles
  7. An unused roll of sticky tape.

Random, random random!

Why is it that we all manage to have a drawer like this? 

Pull out your third drawer down and tell me what treasure you hold!

Kylie Browne

Kylie is our friendly Community Manager. Organizing advocate. 80s music fan. Busy Mom. Amateur over thinker. Thrives on coffee and chocolate.

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