5 Tips For Avoiding Housework

We talk a lot about ways to simplify your life, stay organized, keep overwhelm at bay and in general, make your life as enjoyable as possible with minimal stress.

A recent Facebook post however got me thinking about all the little things we do to avoid housework. Or make it look like we’re doing something, yet we’re actually not! 

Sometimes you just want to curl up on the lounge with a good book and let the housework wait.

So let’s be cheeky this week and consider a few shortcuts to a tidy household:

  1. Don’t feel like folding laundry? Restart the dryer.
  2. Only vacuum the areas where people walk.
  3. Put the dishes in the drying rack. Reuse the dishes in the drying rack without putting them away first.
  4. Someone dropping in at short notice? Grab your laundry basket and collect things that are out of place. Put the  basket into the laundry and close the door.
  5. Spray air freshener. If the place smells clean, it must be clean, right!

What shortcut tips can you add to this list?



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