7 Days Home Office

7 Days To An Organized Home Office – Starts Monday 12 May!


What’s your biggest home office challenge?

  • Too many paper piles?
  • Ineffective filing systems?
  • Unsatisfactory habits in dealing with clutter?

We’re running the program live, starting Monday 12 May. This is one of our most popular programs, with lots of people finding success:

I am wiping down my desk and looking at the good work achieved which means finally after many years trying to get organised I used this 7 Day plan (ok – it actually took me 14 days) and I am just applying the finishing touches. Thanks Michele!  Natalie

This was such a terrific challenge Michele – thank you so very much. I can truly say this has improved my life significantly Not everything is purged – yet, but everything is organised and ready for it. I love my clean, organised office ♥ Jorja

I love YOU, Michele–for guiding me through this process! Thanks so much for all the help:) And I have also enjoyed the comments and processes of the other folks–some of their ideas prompted me to make some changes in my processes. THANKS! I will be doing other challenges. Ann

This was an OUTSTANDING program Michele! Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas/tips/instructions, I am forever grateful that I was able to rid myself of so much extra weight/stuff we don’t need/want anymore. More time to enjoy life with the things I do care about! Tami

If you’re ready to reclaim your office space, sort your paper piles, set up effective filing systems, and maintain a clear desk then join us! Learn more about 7 Days To An Organized Home Office.

Premium Subscribers can access the program for FREE. Please join us in the live session starting Monday 12 May.

For an outline of all upcoming live programs, you can view our program schedule here.

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