New Mindset

Making the shift to boost productivity

New Mindset

Michele’s earlier blog Get More Done with This Mindshift is a great starting point if you are looking to make a shift and change the way you currently do things.

In the post, Michele talks about shifting your thinking from doing stuff to getting stuff done. Take a minute to read it, I’ll wait 😉

Most of us like to delay doing a job we don’t like to do. Excuses like I just can’t find the time to do it, or I’ll do it when I’m feeling better, or simply that’s a job for another day are easy crutches to fall back on. But sometimes that dreaded task lingers in the back of your mind and you know you need to tackle that beast!

Some of those less-favored tasks around the house can include: 

  1. Defrosting the freezer. Seriously, once you have the equipment/tools you need to get the job done, how long will this take? 30 minutes? Maybe an hour?  
  2. Cleaning out pet pens. Ewww. No-one likes doing that! Whether it’s rabbits, birds, snakes or turtles, perhaps if you did it more often it wouldn’t be such a ghastly task when it’s overdue!
  3. Cleaning outside windows. I would much prefer to pay someone but that can be costly, right. Tackling the windows in one hit would be horrible, so consider only doing a few a time.
  4. Cleaning the oven. I don’t have much experience with cleaning an oven because I don’t use it very often. But I hear friends complain about the grossness of cleaning and scrubbing an oven. For this, I’m thankful for my poor cooking skills!

When you consider the amount of time you spend procrastinating about these jobs you may have been able to complete them twice over (or more) by now!

Some of you may be excited to hear the recent news that procrastination is genetic! Moderately inheritable!
Before you start cheering too loudly with your new excuse for procrastination,  take a read of this post Procrastination: Blame It On My Genes by Psychology Today.

Remember, you’re always the one in control and honing your goal-setting abilities will help you beat the procrastination beast!

If you have a procrastination success story to share, please comment!


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