Organize Your Home In 5 Minutes A Day – Special Offer!

30 Days To An Organized Home

You can transform your home and your life in just 5-10 minutes a day, over 30 days.

It’s easy, and even fun, with our simple, step-by-step tasks.

30 Days To YOUR Organized Home!

Our 30 Days To An Organized Home program guides you to complete easy and motivating tasks so you can make a fresh start and be less cluttered and more organized.

Previously known as the 30-Day Organize-athon, this program is now online. And we’re running our first session from Monday 2 June (US Time).

  • We ‘unlock’ the challenges each day, and you complete them at any time and from anywhere.
  • Then you check in to stay accountable and motivated.
  • You complete your tasks with a whole commmunity of friends to encourage, motivate, and inspire you each day!

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FREE For Premium Subscribers

As with all our programs, this program is FREE for Premium Subscribers.

Simply log in to your My Account Page and join us at any time, from anywhere, starting Monday 2 June.

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What People Say About 30 Days To An Organized Home

Here’s what people are saying about this program:

The changes have been so exciting… The house feels so good. We seem to be picking up after ourselves more often, and I’m making a point to make that my new habit… Maybe all the changes would have eventually happened without the challenge, I don’t know, but it sure pulled me out of a rut, and I am so close to my goal now that there just is no stopping me. All the changes in such a short amount of time makes me feel as if I’m living in a new place, one that is tidy, restful and energizing. – Julia

I am so thankful for this monthly challenge. It has gotten me motivated to keep on decluttering and cleaning. Now at days end when I sit in my recliner, I can enjoy the time and relax without feeling so guilty about how things look. – Annette

This has been absolutely enjoyable and so doable. Love the new me and a much cleaner environment. It is so liberating that my creative juices are beginning to flow–I’m hoping to reach flood levels soon…Who knew that I could be a new person in just two and a half hours?  – Barbara

Join Us!

Whether you’re a first timer or you’re back to refresh your organized home, be ready to join us on Monday 2 June!

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