You’ve Boxed Me In!


Moving house is a big project.

Sorting. Decluttering. Packing. Unpacking.

It’s enough to give you a headache thinking about it.

A friend of mine is currently surrounded by boxes. Her hubby moved most of them into the garage, which means her car now sits in the driveway. She’s constantly complaining about not being able to find things. Or more importantly, find the time to unpack the boxes. It’s starting to get serious … the move was 6 months ago!

“Help me!” Was the first thing she said when I saw her recently. “I’m stuck, and I’m overwhelmed by the unpacked boxes.”

Her inability to take action was preventing her from enjoying her new home. My suggestions were to:

  • Allocate 1 hour a day to unpack a box. Set a time limit, focus on the task, get it done.
  • Consider what she was actually unpacking before she found a new place for it in her new home. My thinking is, if you’ve done without it already for 6 months, do you really need it?
  • Consider employing a professional unpacker. They do exist! If all you really want is for everything to be unpacked and put away, then this could be well-worth the money. They consult with you as they unpack, but generally, as professionals, they have a good idea on where things should go.
  • Get the family involved in unpacking. If you live with others, and they are old enough, let them take charge of boxes that relate to them.
  • Discard empty boxes! Recycle them. Sell them. Return them. Whatever the plan, make sure you’re not left with empty boxes.

I’ve got a big move coming up in a couple of months time. I hope I heed my own advice!   

What’s your experience in dealing with a big move?

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