Avoiding Energy Drainers That Ruin Your Productivity


The tricky thing about energy drainers is that you don’t realize at first that they are draining you.

You give, they take, and take and take. Then all of a sudden you realize and think, Hey, that’s not fair!

Below are the energy drainers to avoid if you wish to maintain your productivity and live your life simply but with purpose.

1. Toxic Relationships

These relationships involve people who leave you emotionally drained and exhausted. A psychic vampire if you will!

Psychic vampires are not bad people. You may even be a psychic vampire yourself.

If you know that you take a lot of energy from a certain person to help you with your daily living, consider a better-balanced relationship. It will be more rewarding for both of you.

If you are the victim of a psychic vampire, then you need to accept that you are allowing this relationship to continue. You can limit the amount of time and energy you give to someone else, remember you are in control.  

A great example is the toxic colleague at work. The one who is unhappy in their job but does nothing to improve the situation. They procrastinate about any little thing. They’re fast to judge and unwilling to accept any changes. This type of person affects team morale and productivity.

2. Fears, Worries And Emotional Baggage

What a drainer! If you’re constantly living in the past, afraid of the future, hanging on to things that are no longer useful, then you are stopping yourself from moving forward.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Self-sabotage creates undue personal stress.

Don’t let negative talk and pessimism cloud your judgement and hamper your productivity. 

3. Bad Habits

Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s not in need of a revamp.

A change in routine, a new methodology, or a forced behaviour change is not easy.

If you have trouble kicking a bad habit, here’s what you’re doing wrong.

4. Diet

You are what you eat, truly.

Eating good food will help your body and your mind. If you spend most of your working day on mental tasks, eating the right food is super-important for your brain. 

Here’s a great article outlining the best foods for leaders.

5. Inactivity

It’s true, inactivity breeds inactivity. Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People simply states “inactivity breeds laziness, which in turn breeds lethargy and indifference.”  

The best way to avoid inactivity is to take action. Do something positive, that makes you feel good. Every day!

What Drains Your Energy?

Have a missed one of your energy drainers?

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