Don't Say I Wish

6 Easy Steps To Staying Organized

Don't Say I Wish

If you competed in the 2014 Disorganized Olympics*, would you receive a medal?

 Merriam-Webster defines disorganized as:

  • not arranged or planned in a particular way
  • not having parts arranged in a neat and effective way
  • not able to keep things arranged in a neat or effective way.

 For most of us who undertake declutter projects, satisfaction is short-lived. 

You find that you have spent time and energy creating a clever system that will keep your home or workspace looking fabulous but in the blink of  day, you’re back to square one.

* There is no Disorganized Olympics. I made that up. 

Why can’t I stay organized?

Because it is what it is. You have to work at maintaining the new system and keeping order.

But I don’t want to do that! I hear you cry. 🙂

Take a deep breath and accept the fact that being organized is not a magical state achieved with no effort. You can take small actions every day that maintain the delightful new system you created.

Here’s How.

  • Time It
    For 15 minutes every day, take action on clutter.
    File the papers. Return items to the right places. Clear benchtops and work spaces. 
    Build this 15 minutes into your day and be consistent.
  • Make it a Challenge
    Set yourself small goals that motivate you to stay neat, tidy or organised.
    If you are sick of constantly washing up dishes, make it a challenge to the household/office that they can only use one cup for the entire day. 
  • Visual Prompts
    If you have previously been living in the State of Messy or are from Disorganized County, then staying organized is going to be one almighty challenge.
    Post-it notes or visual reminders if prominent places will help you be conscious of your goal and therefore more inclined to achieve it.
    Our Members have found that by using post- it notes on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror or beside table helps them to stay organized. Once you tackle this task and build it into your daily routine, the prompts are no longer required.
  • Accountability
    Telling your family or a trusted friend about your goals will hold you accountable. 
    If you’re too shy to tell them then tell me! I want nothing more than to see you succeed. No judgement here, just honest support & encouragement!
  • Accept Progress For What It Is.
    And that might be SLOW. But hey, slow progress is better than not starting, so don’t be too hard on yourself. As many Members will attest, starting is the hardest part.
  • Reward & Rest
    For any challenge or goal you achieve, reward yourself. 
    Why not? A simple task can be rewarded with 30 minutes curled with your favourite book. More intense or physical tasks can be rewarded with a massage!

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