How Often Do I Need To Change

How Often Do I Need To Change …

When it comes up in conversation it always interests me how often people get around to household chores.

It’s always there waiting for us, but what is the rule of thumb?

Is there any rhyme or reason to suggested time limits?

How Often Do I Need To Change …


  • How much do you sweat?
  • Do you shower before you get into bed?
  • Do you sleep naked?
  • How many are in the bed (partner, kids, pets)?
  • Does natural skin shedding & the existence of dust mites freak you out?

I think changing the sheets every week is clean and hygienic. However I know others who wait 3-4 weeks before changing sheets.

Here are Martha Stewart’s tips on bedding care.

Dish Cloths and Dish (Kitchen) Towels

  • Do you use a dishwasher or hand wash the dishes?
  • Do you live alone, with one other, many others or perhaps in a frat house?

I tend to change my dish cloths every few days, and out of habit I change my dish towel every day. I don’t like a wet kitchen towel left to dry. I feel like it has done its job and needs to be freshened up.

Check out a little cheeky guide to how often you wash that!

Bath Towels and Hand Towels

  • How many times do you shower a day? 
  • Is there anyone home during the day?

I read recently that bath towels should be used three times to dry off and then washed. This works out to be every 3-4 days, which is probably on par with most weeks for me.  However with my shift worker hubby showering more than once a day, his towel definitely gets used more than three times in those three days.

Hand towels should be changed every few days because they are never completely dry. With little kids in my household I change the hand towel every day to avoid the germinator from making a presence in my home.

Good Housekeeping has top tips on washing your linens.

Do you agree with these timeframes?

What’s the longest length of time you’ve taken to wash something that you should have washed sooner?

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