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8 Tips That Help When Parting Ways With A Loved One

The following post was kindly written by one of our longest Get Organized Wizard members, Terry.

How I Said Goodbye

The following are things I did to have closure and say good bye to my first husband:

1. Write an article of the good and positive times you had together

  • Make copies

  • Purchase colored file folders and place the name on the tab

  • For Christmas give as gifts to relatives and friends who knew him/her

2. Write a poem

3. Decide what to keep

  • One outfit

  • Jewelry

  • Photographs

  • Handmade arts and crafts

  • Favorite stuffed animal

  • Suitcase with items left in

4. Complete sorting out belongings

  • Distribute to family and friends then donate the rest

5. Put a memory box together with small items

6. Put a photo album together

  •  Tell a story of your time together and create captions for each photo

7. On their next birthday have a few friends in for cake and ice cream

  • Mark the occasion with the sentiment that this one’s for you but my life is going on

8. First anniversary write a letter

  • Write how you miss them and tell him/her how your life is going on without them

Upon completion of the above you should have closure and your new life will continue on.

We thank you Terry for sharing your experience with us.

Grief Support

If you seek grief and bereavement support, here are some links that may help:

  • Australia
  • USA (there is some wonderful information here skewed towards the military, but I think you will find value in the practical information) 
  • UK.

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