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Excuses Procrastinators Make …


The art of keeping up with yesterday!

Are you a procrastinator?

Take a look at some of the typical excuses procrastinators make. It this you?

Excuses Procrastinators Make

At least I got it handed in on time. 

I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’ll get to it later.

No rush! It will be there waiting for me in the morning.

Ahhh, not right now.

I’m sick / I’m tired / I’ll get it it another day.


When I get around to it.

It’s on my list …

Yes, I’ve been meaning to do that.

I wish someone would do that for me.

I can’t be bothered.

How about tomorrow?

I’m going to sleep on it.

I’ll think about it.

I really should do that.

I’ll do it later.

I’ll get to it by the end of the day.

I’ll do it in the commercial break.

My show’s on, I’ll do it when it’s over. Oh, wait, now my other show’s on …

I don’t have to do it RIGHT now, so I’ll do it later.

It’s not the right time.

I don’t have everything I need to start.

Something’s come up!

I’m waiting for inspiration / a sign / the right time / motivation / tomorrow / never!

Did I miss your favorite procrastination statement? Tell me below!


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