Organized For Guests

How To Get Organized With Unexpected Visitors

I love it when people drop in unexpectedly.

It’s exciting and I get a real rush from it.

However, there’s also a little sense of panic!

If you don’t get advance notice and it’s actually a “ding-dong, hello we’ve come to visit” situation, then you’ll just have to wing it!

But if you’re lucky enough to get advance warning, even just 10-15 minutes, then there are some quick tasks you can do to prepare.

Let’s sweep the floor with a glance (did you like that pun!) and spring into action.

My Top 5 Tips To Get Organized For Unexpected Visitors

1. Grab The Laundry Basket

Do a quick walk through the home and pick up any thing that is misplaced and put it in the basket.

Put the basket in the laundry or somewhere out of sight.

2. Go To The Main Bathroom

Wipe down benches, spot check the toilet and change the hand towel.

If you have time, wipe over the mirror too.

3. Find The Broom/Vacuum

Sweep over areas that need it or vacuum the main entry ways.

4. Check The Kitchen

Tidy up any dishes or cups waiting to be washed or stack the dishwasher.

Wipe down kitchen bench tops.

5. Check The Mirror

Don’t forget to run an eye over yourself.

Comb your hair, check your make up, clean your teeth, change you shirt!

Then relax, and enjoy the visit!

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