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Often, when we deny ourselves the chance to let go of clutter, we also deny ourselves the chance to let go of resentment and other emotional burdens.

Since clutter blocks so many things in our lives – happiness, serenity and even success, we often cannot see what is beyond the other side of it.

Without you realizing, big things often are obstructed by small things, like that pile of scratch papers in your desk that is stopping you from finding that needed paper and finishing your report on time.

Clutter distracts while a tidy desk makes a happy and focused worker.

Jorja, has previously participated in our 7 Days To An Organized Home Office program, and shared this awesome gem with us. With great care Jorja started to clean her life and workspace from all its clutter in a few days.

“This was such a terrific challenge Michele – thank you so very much. I can truly say this has improved my life significantly Not everything is purged – yet, but everything is organised and ready for it. I love my clean, organised office ♥ Jorja”

Now, can you imagine working in a tidy desk minus all those old paper clips and that three-year old piles of paper? It would be heavenly!

Physical decluttering lets you start to experience peace of mind and it helps (and benefits) your productivity. If you’re thinking 7 days may to be hard to get it all done, Natalie did the 7-day challenge in twice the number of days but still achieved her goals.

“ I am wiping down my desk and looking at the good work achieved which means finally after many years trying to get organized I used this 7 Day plan (ok – it actually took me 14 days) and I am just applying the finishing touches. Thanks Michele! Natalie”

Are you ready to start decluttering and feel liberated from the burden of physical clutter?  Why not start with us this Monday! You will feel so good when you declutter. It’s time to lose all that unwanted stress and gain:

  • Increased productivity
  • A more focused mind
  • The ability to find things faster
  • A burden-free outlook
  • A happy life (it matters, a lot!).

So wipe, clean, tidy up. A big work transformation could be lurking around your office desk.

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