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Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

The obvious pitfall in working from home is the lack of motivation when you’re the sole person in the ‘office’.

It’s important to keep this space organized and tidy, and inspiring to help you keep motivated and focused.

Forbes reported that 1 in every 4 Americans work from home while the UK listed 13.9% of their workforce are home based. In Australia, according to data of Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 1 million work at home (1 in every 12 Aussies).

For those who are part of this millions-and-counting work-at-home workforce, home offices are an intellectual sanctuary to generate ideas, beat deadlines and meet clients. If you are part of this workforce, then you probably also struggle to design and build a home office that is functional, well-designed yet budget friendly.

An organized home and office affects productivity in so many ways. For the simplest example, a clean and tidy office often can inspire workers while one that is cluttered can affect psychology and emotions negatively.

Given this, how do you organise your home office into one productive, cosy yet energising hub, for less?

Best Tips To Making Your Home Office Productive And Inspiring

1. Make It Sunny

Splash your walls with a bright colour to keep everything sunny all day long. Bright colors keep you awake and help add to the illusion of wide space. Don’t forget to keep your window open, fresh air can improve your health. Natural light also eliminates the need for fancy lightings.

2. Keep It Stylish But Inexpensive

Your home office furnishings don’t have to be brand new. Spruce up old furniture or walls with a lick of paint or new fabric coverings. A splash of furniture color can really change the look of a room.

3. Set Up A Filing Center

Never go without a filing system. Never.

Avoid clutter by keeping control of your paperwork and filing needs.

4. Double Purpose

Use double purpose furniture to keep the room versatile. Like this sofa that doubles as a filing center, organizing space and a cosy seat for clients or visitors.

5. Statement Rug

Add a splash of character to your home office with a statement rug. One character piece will reduce the need to add more decors which may be cluttering. Walmart has them at starting price of $8.

Mores Ideas For A Tight Budget

If you’re looking for more, try using these budget ideas:

  1. Furniture from real estate staging companies. They use this staging furniture for clients and often disregard them after use. You might be able to get your hands on them cheaply.
  2. Use a double purpose ottoman to organise things. Target has a wide variety of them.
  3. Fancy up your desk. Buy it second-hand and conduct a DIY project to jazz it up.

Can’t wait to start? Choose something that wold work in your home office and show us the result!

7 thoughts on “Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

  1. Luce MG says:

    I haven’t had a statement rug before for my office room and I think it is time for me to get one. I am now really excited to decorate my office soon! Thanks a lot!

  2. Katherine Zeta says:

    organized and tidy… two of my favorite words! Completely agree with what you’ve written about bright colors. Apart from giving it a more spacious feel, bright colors keep you happier.

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