Organized Meal Planning

Why Meal Planning Helps You Stay Organized

Do you hate the thought of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner every day? For big families, this can be a daily dilemma that causes stress and unrest in the family environment.

If you’re not into planning your menu, then you probably spend most of your time scrambling through the pantry or making quick trips to the grocery store. 

There are loads of websites that cater for menu planning. A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of sites to choose from in seconds.

What we are talking about today is WHY menu planning is helpful and HOW it’s going to make your home life more organized and enjoyable.

Unless your on board with the process, you can look at a multitude of sites but not implement the time-saving strategies.

Let’s talk about how meal planning can simplify your life.

Will Meal Planning Really Keep Me Organized?

Here are some realities.

  1. There is a certain amount of preparation required if you are the chef/cook/meal provider in the house.
  2. You can plan ahead to help eliminate poor nutrition food choices.
  3. You can organize your pantry to help you make decisions fast.

Here are some examples of how we can make these realities work in our own homes.

Preparation Time

Here are my top three tips for preparation time organization.

1. Set Aside 10-15 minutes Each Week For Meal Planning

Setting side 10-15 minutes each week to plan ahead can save you a lot of stress.

Consider things like:

  • the family calendar detailing sporting activities and work commitments
  • the complexity of meals you want to cook over the next 7 days
  • what needs to be stocked up in the pantry
  • what can be used up from current stock in the pantry
  • writing a grocery list of items you need for the next 7 days.

2. Pre-Cook Some Meals In Advance

Cooking up meals that can be frozen for those nights when you are time-poor can alleviate a lot of stress.

Consider meals like:

  • Lasagne or meatballs
  • Casseroles
  • Soups
  • Mac n cheese
  • Fried rice
  • Stir frys

3. Prepare Some Elements Of The Dish Earlier In The Day

  • If you plan on having a roast dinner, peel and chop the vegetables in the morning so they are ready to be cooked later.
  • Marinate or debone or trim meats prior to when you need them.
  • Portion out the herbs or spices that need later in the cooking process.

Eliminate Poor Food Choices

Having ready-made meals or food prepared & ready to work with will help you eliminate poor food choices.

You will be less motivated to order a pizza when you have spent time lovingly planning and shopping for your family!

Streamline Your Pantry

A decluttered and organized pantry will help keep meal planning easy and simple.

Organize your pantry into like items:

  • a spice rack for all your herbs and spices
  • all tinned good grouped together
  • a whole separate section/ shelf / cupboard for foods that should be avoided on a daily basis and are more treats
  • the basics like flour and sugar for example in the one place so you can see at a glance what is low on stock and needs replacing.

Declutter and remove any items that are not used & are taking up valuable space.

Why Meal Planning Makes Your Home More Organized

Quite simply, meal planning will:

  •         Save you money because you can buy in bulk (not random one-off trips to the shops) and reduce the cost of eating out
  •         Save valuable time during busy periods of day
  •         Improve nutrition because you won’t be reaching for processed junk food when you have planned the week’s meals
  •          Lessen stress because you’ll feel more organized and in control
  •          Reduce clutter because you can sort out pantry and kitchen appliance items and only keep those which add value to your meal planning activities.

Organizing your kitchen and pantry is only the start of organizing your home! We can help you organize your whole house. And right before the crazy festive season. What brilliant timing!

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