Stop Procrastinating

Productivity Tips For Procrastinators – Read This Now!

The Urban Dictionary describes productive procrastination as:

n. Doing stuff to keep busy while avoiding what really needs doing.

For example: you’ve tidied the kitchen, swept the floor and wiped down the bench tops. But you haven’t cleaned your cupboards out for months, perhaps years.

If procrastination affects your organising and decluttering goals, then take a look at some of our productivity tips to get you focused on that task you keep putting off.

Productivity Tips For Procrastinators

Try some of these simple and actionable tips to help you tackle those tasks that you dread.

Track Your Time

Where do you spend your idle time?

What did you decide to do instead when you postponed a task?

If you think your time management skills are failing you, see how small changes can make a big difference.

Have Mini-Rewards

Mini-rewards are nice goals to have when you have completed or accomplished something.  They don’t need to be material things.

For example if you have pulled yourself out of the laziness pit, promise yourself an ice cream or allow yourself to spend the remaining time you have catching up with your favourite series.

List And Erase

If you have burgeoning tasks ahead but you feel too sluggish to start, try the list and erase trick.

Grab a whiteboard and a red pen. Write the tasks in big bold letters which can be seen even if you are slouching in your sofa a can of soda in hand.

Of course human as we are, you will try to ignore it at first. But after its glaring at you for about some time, you’ll be guilted to do the task so you can have the satisfaction of erasing it from your life later.

Avoid Distractions

Tasks like decluttering and organising often are set aside when there is something more fun to do – like surfing the internet, watching television, socializing or eating.

To avoid this, switch off the internet or turn off phones, iPads, gadgets and the TV… oh and ignore the refrigerator!

Here are some more tips on how to avoid energy drainers that ruin your productivity.

Trim To-Do List

Trim your to-do list into do-able tasks and just add more later after tasks are done.

This will give you a sense of accomplishment after.

These tips seem to easy, right? That’s because they are easy, actionable tips that help get you moving. Try it, you’ll see for yourself.

if you are a list-person, we have tons of free, downloadable & printable to-do lists covering all aspects of your life. You can check them out here.

Share your experiences as a productive procrastinator in the comment section below!

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