Storing Christmas Decorations

Ways To Organize Your Christmas Decorations

With Thanksgiving officially over for another year now we can start decorating for Christmas! 

We’re going to give you some tips that will help you keep decorations tidy and organized so that it’s never a headache for you!

If you find your decorations are a mess, as you start to unpack them start to think about how you can store away your decorations that will make life easier next year.

That is, storing them without ruining them AND without them taking up more space than they should.

So how do you do it? We have these organising tips for you.

5 Simple Tips To Help You Organize Your Christmas Decorations

1. Group Like-Items Together

Group everything into categories so no rummaging will happen next year.

For example:

  • Baubles are all kept together.
  • Tinsel is folded up neatly and stored together.
  • Wall decorations are checked and culled for damage. Good ones are folded and kept together.
  • Larger ornaments, snow globes and breakables are wrapped and stored gently together.

Storing Christmas Decorations


The challenge every year will be to categorise good decorations from those that need to go. Some of your ornaments would be dating far back and may be holding sentimental value but you need to declutter so you can bring in newer ones. The trick is to buy those that are sturdy and may last long years so you need not replace them every year.

2. Re-Use Old Cardboard Boxes

Segment a cardboard box into a sturdy ornaments holder.

You can buy something from the stores but you can easily create your own too.

Fill each section with tissue paper and cover it up.

Cardboard Storage Decorations


3. Think Outside The Square

Think about some of the common items you use that may be handy storage ideas.

For example:

  • Keep some egg cartons to store delicate bauble or ornaments
  • Use the inner cardboard tube from kitchen paper towel for storing smaller tinsel pieces together
  • Use cupcake wrappers or plastic cups to store items inside a bigger box.

Egg Carton Storage Ideas


4. Detangled Christmas Lights – Always!

Yikes, Christmas lights can be a nightmare when they get messy.

Why not wind them around some cardboard cut to fit another box you have. No more tangling and detangling next year.

Storing Christmas Lights


5. Christmas Tree Tips

Here are few ideas for storing artificial christmas trees:

  • Cinch them up with an old belt. Try using three to four belts depending on the height of your Christmas tree
  • Use a tree storage bag made of plastic or fabric to keep branches safe in storage. Buy a bag or make one out of some old clothes.
  • Store them out of sight but accessible for next year. Be mindful of humidity and direct light to preserve them.

Storing Christmas Tree

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What have you found works well in keeping your Christmas decorations neat and tidy, year after year?

3 thoughts on “Ways To Organize Your Christmas Decorations

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  2. Marsha says:

    A lot of my ornaments are flat-ish rather than round like baubles. They are ornaments that are handmade or knitted in a variety of shapes from craft fairs, but not requiring special bauble handling. I put them in a single layer in a beer bottom cardboard “box” where they are evenly distributed. I the stack the full beer bottoms in a large tote that can accommodate up and down and side by side bottoms accommodating 10+ bottoms in the tote. This tote holds many ornaments all in one place.

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