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Quick Tips To Help Organize Your Medication

A lot of us use medication to cure, halt or prevent disease or illness.

Some mornings, I think I must sound like a toy rattle when I move! I take a multi-vitamin, an anti-histamine, a pro-biotic… just to name a few! Another indication that I’m getting old as I swallow them down with a cup of tea!

I try to be very organized with them.

  • I store them in the same spot.
  • I try to take them at the same time every day.

Usually this works well. If for whatever reason I don’t follow my morning routine though, I can forget to take them, which annoys me.

For me, none of my medications are life-dependant. But for others, missing a pill or losing the bottle or packet can be dangerous to your health or well-being.

5 Ways To Keep Your Medications Organized

1. Use a Pill Organizer

This organiser can be for-a-day or for-a-week’s dose of medication.

It’s available in drugstores and online.

2. Set Schedules

You could consider a couple of options for schedules.

  • Set an alarm time for when you will be taking them. A reminder alarm on your phone will trigger your memory if you have forgotten to take it.
  • Use a small whiteboard to keep record on what pill you take at what time and mark a check-list tick if you have taken it.

3. Use a Spreadsheet

You can make one on your computer or hand-write one.

Include information like:

  • Medication name
  • Dosage
  • Frequency
  • Side-effects (reminds you of what happens when you take it and any allergies you may have experienced).

This spreadsheet can also come in handy for any health professional who has an interest in your well-being. Instead of relying on memory you can show them what you have been taking.

4. Pick A Location

Choosing a specific place to keep your medications will help you avoid losing them.

You can count out your weekly medications and store them in your pill organizer on the kitchen bench.

The pill bottles or packets are then stored in a dry, cool place (like a cupboard or pantry) until you need them next.

5. Use a Pill Reminder App

A more technical version of setting a schedule or alarm to your phone. You can choose and download an app of your choice from the App Store.

Have you come up with other ways to keep your medications organised? Share them here!

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