Coupon Clipping Organization

How to Organize Your Coupons

Who loves coupons?

For those who are experts in organizing coupons, the feat can be done as easy as folding the laundry. However, if you are a newbie, the concept of coupon organizing can be confusing.

You can be left wondering:

  • How do I categorize the coupons?

Should I group them by date of expiry, type of item or which store it’s from?

  • How will I organize them neatly?

Slide them into one bag, tape them to the wall or refrigerator?

Confuse no more!

Things To Avoid When Organizing Your Coupons

  • Don’t keep the coupons at the bottom of your purse. They will be forgotten, expire or stay hidden at the bottom of the bag you rarely use.
  • Don’t keep them in a folder, out of sight. They will be forgotten,
  • Don’t clip coupons together. You’ll lose them in the pile of other papers.

How To Organize Your Coupons

Here are some tips used by coupon lovers that will keep you organized. They key to all of these methods is to keep them accessible.

  • Buy a coupon binder. They’re worth it. It keeps organizing easy plus it helps you see the coupons you need right away. They’ll stay unfolded and neat and tidy. Simply check from time to time the ones that will be expiring and pull them out.
  • Use a coupon box. Label coupons based on category and make sure they stick out so you can pull them out by batch easily.
  • Try using use a baseball card holder. It works just as well as the binder.
  • Use an online coupon search website. You can narrow down the search to your locality and print it out or save it on your phone depending on the coupon requirement. Note that some coupons are only meant to be used digitally, for online shopping.

Is your favorite method not here? Please comment below and share what works best for you.

Making The Most Of Your Coupons

The most common and successful technique is to organize and categorize coupons based on their type.

Think about where you shop and what you buy there and start being strategic with your coupon organization.

For example:

  • If you shop in same store, organize coupons by aisle of the grocery store.
  • Sort out all coupons based on expiry so you never miss out.


Please Always Remember …

Don’t use the coupon because you want the discount. Use it if you really need to buy it.

We would love to hear your best tips for coupon organization. Please comment below.


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