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How To Keep A Sense Of Humor When Losing Weight

Weight loss is a constant struggle & for most of us … definitely not fun!

It’s terrible feeling bummed out while you’re trying to lose weight.

We’re going to focus on losing weight and not losing your sense humor!

Shedding those extra pounds is a process, and it can be long and arduous.  Some hard work is required (boo!) and lots of self-control (yikes!) to stop those trips to the junk food aisle.

If you find devising a fitness routine demanding and calorie counting exhausting, then we can help you find your determination and motivation – we’ll move you to action

Turn That Frown Upside Down

To kick off our 30-Day Weight Loss-athon program (that starts today), let’s take a look at the lighter side of weight loss & some of the “myths” that hold us back from achieving our weight loss goals.

Calories Don’t Count On The Weekend

Uh-oh, yes they do! We much prefer to eat in moderation than to think about it all month and binge eat it!

I Followed My Heart And It Lead Into The Fridge

Well, nothing is wrong in taking a march to the fridge as long as you stock your fridge with healthy options!

Dieting Is Easy!

Yes, they say, it’s like riding a bike.

Except the bike is on fire. And the ground is on fire. And everything is on fire because you’re in hell.

While struggling with weight loss issues keep in mind that losing that extra weight might mean a healthier, longer life and enjoying that retirement in the Caribbean with extra 8-10 years on stow!

Celery is 95% Water and 100% Not Pizza


If you choose to eat pizza, try having healthier toppings, trim down on the cheese and substitute bread made from whole wheat.

I ate Yogurt, Salad, Then My Entire Kitchen

We all have those days. It’s eliminating our favourite foods from our diets that leads us to binge eat.

You’ll see within our 30-Day Weight Loss program promote tiny-but-powerful actions that help you lose weight without having to give up all the foods you love to eat.

All in just 30 days, 10 minutes a day! 

30-Day Weight Loss-athon

Join us for our next online program, the life-changing 30-Day Weight Loss-athon.

If you need a kick start to a new you, then you’ll find more details here.

What Are People Saying?

Here’s what some of our community of friends say about the program.

For anyone on the fence about doing this program, I encourage you to go for it. I lost 6 pounds during the 30 day program, and another 4 pounds after that. I’m not someone who loses weight easily. Plus I have managed to keep all the weight off. Ellen

This is a great way to motivate myself to move off the couch!! Lynda

I find out very hard not to get into self flagellation when I can’t even stick to one even small goal. I keep moving the goal posts. I find that achieving mini goals like doing these tasks can help me achieve more. Dean

Will I Lose Weight?

Weight loss, like most things, is largely cause and effect. Sure there are special circumstances, like medication or certain health conditions. But for the most part, if you take action, you get results.

An online program of tiny-but-powerful actions that help you lose weight. All in just 30 days, 10 minutes a day!

People are amazed at what they achieve in just a few minutes each day.

I can’t promise that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight. But I can promise that if you complete the daily tasks you’ll become an action taker, and you’ll give your mind and body a great jump-start to weight loss.

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