Magical Things That Happen When You Clear Out Your Closet

Organized Closet

You know what I thought held me back from having an organized closet?

$$ Money $$.

I thought money was the root of the problem, so therefore because I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes, I had to keep and wear the ones I already had.

The trouble was that I didn’t wear the ones I already had.

I kept them in piles, waiting for the day that I would wear them.

I used up valuable hanging space with shirts, dresses, skirts or trousers that I knew I would never wear again because I felt that I needed to have options. You know, for those days when I really needed to wear that outfit I don’t really like but it will have to do.

So my closet was full of clothes that were:

  • out-of-fashion
  • too small
  • too large
  • not quite the right fit
  • for my “fat-feeling” days
  • for my “skinny-jeans” day
  • totally inappropriate yet I still held on them for irrational reasons.

But then something twigged.

I decided to make room for the closet I wanted. I was going to set a budget and buy new clothes. And magical things happened!

Magical Things That Happen When You Clean Out Your Closet

When I finally felt brave enough to discard the old, worn, tired, out-of fashion pieces taking up valuable space in my closet, I found I had these magic moments.

1. I Shopped With Clear Goals

I shopped for types of clothes that I love to wear, and wear 80% of the time.

I chose clothes that suited my current weight.

I chose a few key styles for latest trend, then chose staple styles that can be mixed and matched.

Doing this leads me to point 2.

2. I Look Forward to Getting Dressed

I no longer look with dread at my options and ponder what I can possibly put on today that will make me feel good.

I confidently reach for an outfit in my spacious closet. 🙂

3. I Stay Organized

Not having to rifle through inappropriate options means I can clearly see what’s in my closet and select items easily.

It’s also easier to keep organized because there is less clutter and more space.

Plus, I like admiring my closet space as I walk past it.

4. My Self-Esteem Increased

I feel good about myself and it shows.

People comment on my new style.

I feel like I walk a little taller because I am happier.

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