Overeating Habits

How to Avoid Stress and Emotional Eating

One of our members was lamenting over stress eating and how it became a problem.

“Stress eating, reward eating, celebration eating, you name it. My other biggest problem is never making exercise a priority over family and house needs. I have trouble taking time to exercise when the house is a mess and the “me” I do take tends to be downtime.”

This is not an isolated case. We hear this a lot.

It is experienced by everybody and tends to be a bigger problem among women, but maybe we’re just more vocal about it!

We focus on changing behaviors and mindset in our 30-Day Weight Loss-athon Program.

During the whole month of tiny-but-powerful actions that help you lose weight, we delve deep into the reasons why you reach for & find comfort in the wrong foods.

If you’re struggling with your weight and emotional eating patterns, it’s time to think about some basics.

1. Focus On The Real Issue

  • What’s on your mind?
  • What’s stressing you?

Our strategies help you find a way to address these issues and it’s not by putting food into your mouth.

2. Choose “Safe Highs”

  • Keep alternatives in mind when reaching for foods during key times (watching TV, at the cinema, at a birthday party)
  • Keep notes of the triggers that make you yearn for the wrong foods.

We’ll help you identify those triggers & make a plan to keep you on track.

3. Address The Mess And Take Action

  • If you can identify the problem in step 1 above, then start thinking about ways to address it.
  • What is stopping you from cleaning the house? Why are you constantly looking in the refrigerator?

We’ll help turn your sighing, stressing and procrastinating into action and get your mind away from thinking about food.

4. Schedule, Plan, Arrange

  • Scheduling really helps you keep focus and stick to timings.
  • Find the time to fit exercise in between houseworks and taking care of your family. Get up 30 minutes every morning to walk the dog, run outside or swim a few laps.

We’ll show you how planning your day to include exercise and downtime will give you an energy boost.

5. Think Long Term

  • How do you want to feel or look in 5 years time?
  • What are your current energy levels and how can you improve those?

Our strategies provide a healthcheck for your mind. We’ll get you thinking and eating right, so you can be healthy & fit for years to come.

30-Day Weight Loss-athon Program

It’s not too late to join us.

If you’re ready spend at least 10 minutes a day doing some tiny-but-powerful actions that help you lose weight, you can find more information here.

This program is free for those in the All Courses bundle.


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