Stop Binge Eating

10 Simple Tips For Avoiding A Binge

“I have problem with maintaining the changes that I make for a long lasting impact. It is easy for me to revert back to my old ways.”


Sound familiar? We all struggle to get ourselves into a healthy frame of mind when strolling past eating delights that tempt us to our very soul! Today we are going to look at triggers and ways to avoid unhealthy eating options.

How To Avoid The Curse of Binge Eating

From this:

Two months of eating clean and daily run – suddenly sliding down into confusion while finishing a batch of chocolate muffins.

To this:

Tips to avoid a binge-eating fest.

10 Tips For Avoiding A Binge

1. Keep Triggers Out Of Sight

Minimize the unhealthy content of your fridge.

2. Play And Rest

Instead of just working all day, try to choose one hobby that can relax you. It keeps you out of stress and eventually from thinking back to eating unnecessarily.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals you think will help in your diet but it will only trigger your obsession to eat more later. So keep your meals steady.

4. Treat Yourself

You need not keep yourself from having a treat from time to time. This will help appease you and help you look forward to another week of healthy eating.

5. Find A Distraction

When you suddenly have the urge to eat extra, distract yourself. Go outside or talk to somebody.

6. Change The Setting

Ice cream is usually one diet-destructing vice. So instead of eating a gallon in your fridge, go and get a scoop in the ice cream store. Bet you eat less!

7. Plan Meals and Snacks

Plan your meals and set aside healthy portions and options to moments when craving is really high.

8. Hydrate

Some people mistake dehydration with hunger. To avoid this, hydrate yourself all the time.

9. Schedule Exercise

A thirty-minute a day activity can make a big difference.

10. Keep Your Mindset Focused

See how to get more done with this mindset shift.

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