Spring Happiness

Spring Clean Your Happiness

Spring signals the winter’s end, regrowth and it’s a  prerequisite to summer fun.

From spring, springs hope and happiness!

For a lot of us, the new season signals spring cleaning, reopening of windows and dusting away winter’s memories. It can mean there is a lot of work to do, but it still brings everybody into a brighter mood for warmer days and lighter nights.

Why Does Spring Raise Your Happiness Levels?

Psychologists said that the association of spring with happiness can stem from various reasons. They include:

  • Sunlight is associated with hope
  • It calls us back to nature
  • More sunlight, less melatonin. More melatonin adversely affects sleep-wake cycle and mood
  • More sunlight, more serotonin (happy neurotransmitter).

A happy neurotransmitter – doesn’t that sound great!

So how will you start your spring? Will you bring in the change and enjoy the happiness it stores? Will you use the season to your advantage and become the “new you”?

Let’s Take Advantage Of Spring

“How do I bring some change to my life?”

1. Prepare For An Overhaul

Out with old habits, in with new! You can:

  • Clear out your closet
  • Rearrange furniture to let in more air and light, or just to sit with a different perspective
  • Add some spring color to rooms
  • bring in some plants, real or fake (depending on your green thumb!).

2. Go Outside

If you’re not keen on cleaning and organizing, or better still, you’re already finished it, then go outside.

  • Take a walk with the family, the dog, or a neighbour and enjoy the view
  • Go on a picnic
  • Wander through the weekend markets stalls
  • Read a book by the river
  • People watch the crowds at the harbour.

3. Spend More Time With Your Family

Throw off your cosy blanket of hibernation and get active. Renew your relationships and reconnect with family in a fun way. This could be:

  • Playing games
  • Riding bikes
  • Rearranging a child’s bedroom together
  • Sorting out clothes together and then shopping for new season outfits
  • Packing away winter thing and bringing out spring and summer things
  • Organizing a yard sale to sell unwanted items and then shop for new things.

Spring is a great excuse to get moving, so take action and start today!

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