Souvenir Clutter

How to Deal With Holiday Souvenirs

The holiday highlight for many of us is the shopping! Oh, the treasures found. Now … where to put them?

Organizing Your Holiday Souvenirs

It might be a t-shirt from Thailand, or nesting dolls from Russia. An uber pretty figurine from Italy, or a beer stein from Germany.

Once you get home and the after-glow of the holiday wears off, you’re left with clutter. Clutter that represents travel and holidays so memorable that you don’t want to forget it. EVER.

However, over time the euphoria of the holiday fades and you’re left with sentimental clutter. Today we are helping you overcome the sentiment and clear souvenir clutter from your space.

Top Tips For Reducing Souvenir Clutter

1. Don’t Buy Large Souvenirs

Limiting purchases that are small and manageable is key. Buy things that won’t take up too much valuable space in your home.

Fridge magnets are perfect.  Instead of figurines or trinkets buy good quality magnets. They serve as a useful gift, as well as being a lovely visual reminder every time you visit the fridge!

2. Choose Useful & Practical Choices

Purchase souvenirs that can double up as a useful object that you really intend to buy back home.

For example, you need something to organise your jewelries, then instead of buying that cute tabletop decor or that animal figurine, buy something to repurpose as your jewelry organiser.

Only buy t-shirts if you intend to wear them. Long term. I wonder how many ill-thought out Hawaiian shirts have been purchased over the years!

3. Invest in Artworks

Decorate your home with a beautiful reminder of your holiday.

A painting, or a print that can be framed. A beautiful rug for the floor or as a hanging piece.

4. Take A Simple Picture

With or without you in it, whatever you prefer. Taking pics of your fave places and framing them is a lovely way to feel connected with the holiday.

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