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Is Your Brain To Blame For Your Clutter?

To be able to let go of clutter, we must first understand its possessive power.

The Clutter Collection

There are several reasons why we collect clutter. Why we can’t seem to let go of things we have gathered over time.

We can blame our brain power!

In a study conducted by researchers at Yale, it has been identified that two areas of the brain are associated with pain.

The anterior cingulate cortex and insula.

These two parts of the brain light up when a person feels physical or emotional pain. For instance,  it lights up when you feel physical pain, like stubbing your toe on the chair, or moving your hand away from an open flame. It also lights up when you feel emotional pain, like the pain you feel when you try to let go of something that belongs to you.

Yes it’s true! Your powerful brain equates physical pain to the desire to throw out items you are emotionally or financially tied to.

This is the reason why it feels so hard to let go a pair of shoes even if you haven’t worn them for a long time.

This is the reason why you can’t let go of your souvenir items from travel.

This is the reason why you can’t give away the gifts you received, yet have no use for.

The more attached you are to the item, whether it be financially, emotionally, or a sense of sentiment, then the harder it will be for you to declutter that item from your space.

In the study conducted, researchers auctioned mugs to participants. They let participants hold mugs for varied period of time. Those who held the mugs longer were found to be willing to spend 60% more for the item. 60% more! And brands use this type of manipulation in many ways.

This is the reason why things are on display and are within your touch. Gadget stores know it, that’s why they allow handling of gadgets. This allows connection between the product and the buyer, it forges a connection.

The more you are connected, the harder it is to stop the buying tendencies.

The Toll Of Clutter

Aside from a physically disorganized home, the inability to let go of things can create emotional toll.

Mental clutter reduces one’s ability to be productive and it distracts people from real work.

Mental clutter creates stress.

In extreme cases (watch episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alive), mental clutter issues needs to be addressed by psychologists.

However, for everyday household clutter, a simple organizing system can change everything.

Yes, this clutter can be decluttered!

Good News: Clutter Can Be Decluttered

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