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How Simplifying Can Lead To Happiness

Do you think that happiness is elusive? We believe that living a simplified life can achieve happiness.

Buddha’s ‘With our thoughts we make the world’, is a realistic reminder that we have the power of our minds over the matter of our lives.

And it’s more than having a clean kitchen, organized desk and minimal house objects. The benefit of simplifying and decluttering can help ease the clutter of the mind. Isn’t it nice to go home to an organized house and feel calm, content and happy?

Below we outline some benefits of leading a simpler and more organized life – which can lead to a happier you.

Benefits To Living Simply

More Focus On You

Heightened stress, extra work in the home or in the office can be an alarm bell for the need for better self awareness.

When you make a conscious effort to reduce or eliminate stress from your life, you take the focus off the worry and begin to focus on yourself.

The stresses may be an unproductive habit, a negative person in your life, or slogging it out in a job you don’t like.

Start to focus on your own needs and make changes that improve your wellbeing.

Better Health

Living a more simplified, calm and stress free life can lead to lower blood pressure and reduces your risk of acquiring stress-related diseases.

Reducing stress safeguards your health and improved longevity! It will improve your mental, physical, emotional and behavioral welfare.


Who wouldn’t love the freedom to live life exactly the way you want?

Start avoiding complicated things/people/events that weigh you down.

It might be the ill-eased feeling of having to attend a function that has no benefit or interest to you.

It might be the drama-ridden friend who constantly asks for your advice but doesn’t take it.

It might be all the household clutter that weighs you down, physically and emotionally. Free your wings and let it go!

Enjoy the freedom … no drama, no overreactions … just the simple feeling of lightness and wellness.

Reduced Costs

Living simply means you buy what you need, and you only possess what you need.


A lot of people save items ‘in case they need them one day’. Chances are, you won’t!  Cutting back on household possessions means you will use and appreciate what you have so much more.


Fewer things = more focus.

Productivity hails from your ability to focus. Without the annoying clutter and other menial thoughts weighing you down, you can focus more on your work and feel pleased with your output every day.


Simple life is akin to a lounge on a quiet beach. You are more attuned to the things that matter more in your surroundings.

You can think of things that really matter.

It might be choosing not to take the call from your drama-queen friend because you were about to start helping the kids with their homework. It might be saying no to the invitation to see a movie you have no interest in and staying home to do some baking instead.

Start to work out your priorities and put them first.

Joy and Happiness

Is this your ultimate goal?

A simplified life leads to happiness. With all the extra burdens lifted off your shoulder, you can focus more on chasing for things that matter.

Clear out the junk, let love in.

Clear out the extras and leave a room to enjoy life.

When there are fewer things to organize, you can use the time to play, enjoy your cooking or to pursue your hobby.

And that’s all that really matters.

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