5 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Today That Cost Nothing

Do you remember the last time you received a compliment?

What about the last time you gave a compliment?

I recently received a back-handed compliment that was so cleverly disguised it took me a moment to realize what had actually been said. By this point, I had already thanked the person for the compliment (ha!) which upset me further after I had time to think about it!

So it got me thinking about compliments I pay people.

How I say it, and whether the message is received as intended.

5 Tips On How To Be Kind

1. Give A Short And Sweet Compliment

Kind:  I love your new haircut!

Unkind: I love your new haircut! That looks so much better than the last style you had for three years …

2. Make A Heartfelt Gesture

Kind: Please go ahead of me at the check out, I’m not in any rush!

Unkind: Please go ahead of me at the check out. I can see you have no control over your children and I don’t want to hear them whinging while I pay for my groceries.

3. Reach Out To A Person In Need

Kind: I heard you have been sick recently, can I do some shopping for you or help with any housework?

Unkind: I heard you have been sick recently, I hope you don’t spread the germs around to the rest of us.

4. Talk To A Shy Person

Kind: I see you’re new here, let me introduce you to some other people.

Unkind: <crickets> Seeing someone new to a group struggling to connect and saying nothing at all.

5. Smile

Kind: Smiling is infectious! Offer a smile to someone in the elevator, walking past colleagues in the hallway or at the shop owner as you enter the store.

Unkind: Not returning a smile offered freely.

You may not feel comfortable doing one, or perhaps all, of the these examples! I know some of my friends would rather chew their arm off before offering a smile to a stranger. This doesn’t mean they’re unkind, they just show kindness in other ways. 🙂

What acts of kindness would you include to this list?

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