5 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Today That Cost Nothing


Do you remember the last time you received a compliment?

What about the last time you gave a compliment?

I recently received a back-handed compliment that was so cleverly disguised it took me a moment to realize what had actually been said. By this point, I had already thanked the person for the compliment (ha!) which upset me further after I had time to think about it!

So it got me thinking about compliments I pay people.

How I say it, and whether the message is received as intended.

5 Tips On How To Be Kind

1. Give A Short And Sweet Compliment

Kind:  I love your new haircut!

Unkind: I love your new haircut! That looks so much better than the last style you had for three years …

2. Make A Heartfelt Gesture

Kind: Please go ahead of me at the check out, I’m not in any rush!

Unkind: Please go ahead of me at the check out. I can see you have no control over your children and I don’t want to hear them whinging while I pay for my groceries.

3. Reach Out To A Person In Need

Kind: I heard you have been sick recently, can I do some shopping for you or help with any housework?

Unkind: I heard you have been sick recently, I hope you don’t spread the germs around to the rest of us.

4. Talk To A Shy Person

Kind: I see you’re new here, let me introduce you to some other people.

Unkind: <crickets> Seeing someone new to a group struggling to connect and saying nothing at all.

5. Smile

Kind: Smiling is infectious! Offer a smile to someone in the elevator, walking past colleagues in the hallway or at the shop owner as you enter the store.

Unkind: Not returning a smile offered freely.

You may not feel comfortable doing one, or perhaps all, of the these examples! I know some of my friends would rather chew their arm off before offering a smile to a stranger. This doesn’t mean they’re unkind, they just show kindness in other ways. 🙂

What acts of kindness would you include to this list?

Kylie Browne

Kylie is our friendly Community Manager. Organizing advocate. 80s music fan. Busy Mom. Amateur over thinker. Thrives on coffee and chocolate.

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