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6 Tips For Laundry Done In Less Time, With Better Results

These tips are perfect for people who:

  • have sole custody of the washing task and need a more systematic approach
  • find doing laundry to be the most exhausting, mundane chore
  • look away every time they see a laundry pile growing
  • have cried in frustration from disastrous results (white clothes now pink?).

We have laundry tips and hacks to step up your laundry routines for a better, more organized you.

1. Pre-sort Clothes

The very first thing that can reduce work you invest in your laundry is doing the preparatory process right.

Pre-sorting clothes can save you a lot of time. You can enlist the help of your family and make it a routine to sort clothes into its assigned bin i.e. the coloured and dark ones, the white ones, the delicate ones.

This will lighten up your workload since you won’t be sorting through the laundry before the wash and there will be no accidents of washing whites with dark clothes. It also teaches discipline amongst your family members … especially the kids.

2. Create A Weekly Schedule

Consult your weekly calendar and work out what days are best for doing laundry.

It might be daily or at night time because mornings are just too hectic.

It might be very other day due to wash loads, or only on weekends due to work commitments.

Here are some other ideas from our own members over the years:

  • Assign Monday as laundry day for light colours
  • Tuesday for darker colours
  • Wednesday for towels
  • Thursday for kitchen wipes
  • Friday for Jeans and heavy clothing
  • Saturday for sheets.

Factoring in wet weather and even change of seasons will keep flexibility in your schedule so try a few variations.

3. Set Uniform Time Everyday

Setting the same time of day whenever you do your laundry will help you stick to the routine.

Morning people might like to put a load of washing on as soon as they get out of bed. You might even be able to pre-program your machine so that it starts automatically. With enough planning you could even hang the clothes before you leave, therefore they’re dry when you return. Bonus!

Night-time preference means you can put a load of washing on as soon as you get home. That gives you time to prepare dinner and do any other chores before the load finishes. Hang it inside or outside, depending on the weather.

4. Involve The Family

Involve the family as much as possible. 🙂

If you’re eight year old knows how to set up the X-Box or download games on your cell phone, then you can teach them how to set a washing machine!

From pre-sorting to hanging, everybody can help out.

5. Be Wise

Did you know these simple tricks to avoid ironing?

  • Pulling out laundry while it is still damp from the washer and hanging it will help stop wrinkles from forming.
  • If you are using the dryer, once it has finished its cycle try to fold the laundry right away. Letting it cool too long in the drum will add wrinkles.
  • Use fabric conditioner to avoid hard ironing and in some cases any ironing at all.

6. Organize Your Laundry Area

It makes sense, right?

Nothing inspires work more than an organized working space.

  • Keep your laundry area free from obstacles.
  • Put all your laundry needs in one place easily accessible near the washer.
  • Keep the place neat, orderly and refreshing so that you may look forward to your laundry tasks and not dread it.

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  2. cindy bednar says:

    Thanks for the great tips. In Canada we have three time zone rates and seasons for hydro. The cheapest time to do laundry is in the evening from 7pm-7am.

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