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10 Effortless Ways To Stay Productive At Work – FREE Master Goal List Printable

How do you increase productivity when you need it the most? When other productivity tricks don’t work, what other tips do you go back to?

Here are our 10 effortless ways to stay productive at work. Say goodbye to slacking!

10 Effortless Ways To Stay Productive At Work

1. Add Live Plants

Green potted plants can instantly lift moods. It detoxifies the air and keeps you feeling relaxed.

In a study conducted by Washington State University researchers, plants in a windowless room can result to workers being less stressed, more productive, and felt more focused.  

But if adding live plants is impossible, try positioning your work desk near a window so you can see a garden or view nature.

2. Decorate Workspace

As much as possible, make your work space inspiring to come back to.

Utilise productive colors (typically blue, yellow, red or green but we suggest you add your own favorite color to the mix). Add items that remind you of your success, like diplomas and awards. If your office allows, include a few personal items to make you feel comfortable as well.

3. Minimise Distraction

It’s one thing to add a few personal knick knacks but over decorating your office can distract you.

An extra task board may be unnecessary. Another table can be considered clutter. For files, instead of using an open cabinet to store folders, use ones that can be closed.  

4. Prioritize Tasks

Instead of jumping from one task to another, check on ones that are more important.

Often in a busy office priorities change frequently. Keep on top of timely tasks by meeting regularly and scheduling your work load appropriately.

Some like to use a big long checklist, that can ticked off as the task is completed. Others like to schedule the work on a daily basis so the workload is padded out evenly. Do whatever works for you, taking advantage of calendars and apps that help you stay on track.

5. Work On Your Most Dreaded Task First

Your dreaded task usually is the hardest. Or you perceive it to be the hardest!

Try to do these types of tasks first, instead of procrastinating and working on smaller tasks.

Delegating them to the end of the day may distract you from other tasks and also might mean that your tackling the hard stuff when you’re tired and less motivated. 

6. Turn Off Email Notification

The ding and pings every minute is really distracting. It takes you away from your current tasks destroying your momentum.

To combat this, schedule email checking every two or three hours or depending on the use of emails in your work. Address any concerns your email may entail right away.

And consider this … would a 2-3 minute phone call in response to an email be a better use of your time than trying to craft a response that cannot be interpreted the wrong way. Make smart and efficient choices with your communication channels.

7. Take Short Breaks, Move Around

Nothing beats short breaks in between work tasks.

It helps replenish energy and focus. Do a short walk during this time or do some stretching.

Have you ever heard of standing workspace? It has been found that standing up while working on your computer burns more calories and increases productivity. Give it a try!

8. List Daily Goals / Time Mapping

List down your goals daily, weekly and for long term. Ensuring you achieve your daily goals will manage your time better.

Download our FREE Master Goals List, free printable, by clicking the link at the end of this blog.

9. Beat Your Own Deadlines

Challenge yourself from time to time. Beating your own deadlines can be more satisfying than beating the deadline set by others. Remember that intrinsic motivation lasts more than extrinsic ones.

10. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking eats up time, it also kills productivity. So say no. Instead of multitasking, prioritize.

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