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7 Time Management Tips For Busy Working Moms – Plus FREE Bills To Pay Printable

When you’re flat out trying to run a household, get little people off to school and then start your own work day, you’ve just got to be organized. Some days every minute counts and we’re always on the lookout for that time-saving trick or tip that can add a few precious minutes to a busy schedule.

A boss of mine used to joke, if you want to know how to fit everything into a day ask a Mom! Somehow we can just make things happen. If you haven’t got your routine down pat, here are a few time management tips to get you started.

7 Time Management Tips For Busy Working Moms

1. Utilise your lunch breaks

Making the most of your lunch break can save you valauble time later in the day. An hour long lunch break can be allocated a few times a week to do things that make your life less stressful. You could:

  • pay some bills
  • stock on birthday gifts
  • head to the post office
  • grab some groceries
  • do some personal shopping.

2. Use Technology

These days there are productivity apps to suit all kinds of needs.  Try an app for:

  • scheduling tasks,
  • managing your time,
  • reminders
  • recurring activities,

and keep your work/life organized with your fingertips!

But for those of us who still love pen and paper organization (me!), download our free ‘Bills To Pay’ printable at the end of this blog!

3. Plan The Night Before

This is such an easy task but it’s often overlooked.

It might be:

  • ironing clothes for the next day
  • making lunches
  • checking the weather forecast & grabbing the umbrella if rain’s predicted
  • packing your bag for an upcoming trip.

Leaving everything until the last minute is wrought with danger! The danger of “unexpected events” that pop up that must be dealt with straight away! Plan your time with a little extra padding.

4. Have a Clutter Purge

Clearing out clutter makes you feel sooooo good!

Schedule a day in your weekend break to get rid of things that don’t spark joy or that are currently not useful in your life. You’ll find that the fewer things you own the fewer things to organize and to occupy your mind.

5. Schedule Your Laundry

Make everyday a laundry day. That might not mean you actually wash everyday, but you can sort your clothes and get them ready for washing.

Schedule each day for different set of laundry will help avoid them piling up on the weekend.

For example, you can make Monday – white clothes, Tuesday – dark clothes, Wednesday – sheets, Thursday – towels.

6. Sort the Paper Piles

One of the most simplest way I started to manage my paper build up was to sort my mail at the mail box. Anything unworthy or not necessary to keep was thrown into the recycle bin before it even entered my house.

More important documents can be scanned if you need to keep them & store them digitally. For more important papers, keep them safe, tidy & filed in a cabinet.

You can find other ways I simplified my life here.

7. Delegate the Tasks

Why should you be burdened with the load? If you run a busy household then many hands make light work.

You can instil a sense of responsibility and assign age-appropriate chores for your kids.

List them in a schedule and let everybody know their own responsibility. You can find out more about splitting chores fairly in the home here. Plus bonus: includes a free printable chores roster!

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FREE ‘Bills To Pay’ Printable

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