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5 Tips When Shopping for A New Seasonal Wardrobe – With FREE ‘What To Donate’ Printable

The changing seasons dictate our wardrobe style & needs. Flowy, light clothing with less material in summer and bulky, thick warmer sweaters or jumpers in winter.

During this transition of seasons though comes the task of cleaning, decluttering and organizing your home and your closet. The big closet dilemma is usually deciding which clothes you want to keep, to throw or to donate. Then fun part then follows when you can shop to replace what you have culled.

5 Tips When Shopping for A New Seasonal Wardrobe

1. Don’t Switch Everything

Is this you? Aaaahhhh, I hate everything in my closet!

Let’s keep decluttering simple. Take note of what you already have & realistically, what you can continue to wear if you gave that item a boost. You may have a piece which can be used for spring and summer. Your old jacket can be spruced up with some new buttons. As long as it’s within your style, get creative on how you can re-use your current stock.

Live by the mantra, keep, throw, donate as you work through your closet. Use our free What To Donate printable to help you decide what is worthy in the donation pile. You’ll find the link to the free printable at the bottom of this post.

2. Pick a Color Palette

Is this you? I wish I could wear that new-season color but it makes me look fat/sick/pale/childish.

In last week’s blog we spent some time talking about base colours.

Most clothing lines have a color palette in their single season collection. Tap into your creative ideas from this – try to stick to one palette too. Sticking to one palette may help you harmonise your wardrobe without much effort.

For choosing your palettes, you can look for help online. Some websites will help you choose the current trend while suggesting up to four color (adjacent and complementary) options.

3. Mix and Match

Is this you? I always wear the same shirt with the same pants.

Now that you’ve chosen your color palette and bought items in this colour, you can now buy the basics. Mix and match these basic pieces with your wardrobe. You can buy one white blouse and have it harmonise with any skirt, slacks or jeans and even printed ones like plaid and leather jackets.

And you now have the liberty to bring out your old pieces, double check your discoveries from step 1 before you shop or double up on items .

4. Accessorize With Colour

Is this you? I wish I had something  colorful to complete this outfit.

If you think you have everything in basic, try to add colour through accessories.

It can be a scarf in your plain blouse, a pop of colour for your clutch or purse or a statement shoes.

Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces can also help in your ensemble and make it well put together without buying too many clothes for the new season.

5. Make a Date to Shop Off-Season

Is this you? I would love to update my wardrobe seasonally but I don’t have the money.

This is a tip that really works well if you have decided your base colour and stick to it.

For example, I love navy blue. I can shop off-season (and usually pick up bargains in the sales) because I know I will always wear a navy blue top and I have many, many bottom pieces that will go with it.

Shopping off-season allows you to:

  • Save money
  • Schedule shopping in advance so there’s no rush of having to find something to wear
  • Pick a seasonal accessory that matches your wardrobe while not having to change your base colour
  • Mix and match your past seasons wardrobe. New top with last season skirt will still look fresh and on trend.

Are you ready for next season’s shopping? Start decluttering your closet before you start!

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